The #1 Skill All Sales Leaders Should Know

The #1 Skill All Sales Leaders Should Know

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How to improve

 your team’s skills and build their confidence.

The Pre-coaching ritual

that allows you to have perfect clarity and preparation for every meeting.

 The 3 stages of the 1:1 coaching session 

for skill development that allows you to connect with, improve and inspire your staff at every session!

Learning this skill massively improved our sales fortunes. Ultimately, we were awarded the most improved division of the year after selling over $150 million of new homes!
But the best part was the newfound time and freedom I had!
Coaching them in this manner helped to develop them from good to great to rock stars!  They not only exceeded goals, but they also became more self-sufficient.  I found myself having more time to attend my kid’s swim meets, get home to make more dinners, and I even had enough time and energy to complete my first triathlon!

Kathy Tucker


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