9 Steps To Leading A Rockstar Sales Team


9 Steps to Leading a Rock Star Sales Team is the ONLY on-line leadership course for new home and real estate sales leaders.

This course provides the systems, the practical tools and teaches the skills you need to transform your sales team from good to great to ROCK STARS to drive extraordinary results and advance your career without working 24/7, even if you’re new to sales leadership.

Before I tell you about this life-changing program, let’s talk about who this is for:

• You’re a highly-driven and results-oriented individual.
• You have high aspirations, and even higher standards for yourself, and so you’re working exceptionally hard.

And maybe you are…

A new area sales manager and you need to get results fast,

but you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with how much is entailed in this role.

You’ve been managing for a couple years now, and you’re hitting your targets, but you’re on the verge of burn out.

You hardly ever turn off your phone. You’re often frustrated because the team is just not progressing at the rate you think they should, and you’re wondering what you need to be doing differently.

Maybe you’re an experienced sales manager, but you feel like your career is not progressing as quickly as you hoped.

You’re ready to go to the next level and you’re willing to do what it takes to move up. You’re open to new ideas and new strategies that would magnify your results, get you noticed and advance your career.

If any of this describes you

You’re in the right place.

The problem isn’t you.

According to The Gallup organization, the problem is that most companies spend their training dollars on training sales people, not their leaders.
So sales leaders are just expected to “figure it out.”
They spend years working harder than necessary, and making mistakes along the way. And they will figure it out, but the long hours it demands, the frustration it brings and the mistakes they make take a heavy toll on their ego, on their relationships, on their career, and even on their health.
I’m telling you, there IS an EASIER way.

I’m going to challenge you to think differently and operate differently. You’ll accomplish more in less time, you’ll achieve extraordinary results and get noticed for the culture you create.

As a result, you’ll have more free time to focus on ADVANCING YOUR CAREER and ENJOYING LIFE.

Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway?



By the end of this program, you can expect to:
• Be a better coach:
See your sales team develop their skills and become more confident and get better results because of your effective coaching.
• Be in control of your time:
Incorporate time management systems that streamline your day so you get more done in less time and create more balance in your life.
Hold your team accountable, be clear on how and when to fire someone, and run your business more systematically, so you have more predictable results, and less worry.
Create a team who achieves AND exceeds their monthly quotas without your constant oversight.
• Be excited to go to work:

Be inspired, be more confident, and get tapped for new opportunities because of your success.

Implementing efficient systems will give you the confidence to create boundaries and stick to them.

“Kathy’s 9 Steps to Leading a Rock Star Sales Team was an indispensable tool for me as I came into my new role as a sales leader. Kathy’s experience and wisdom in this industry is world-class, and having her one-on-one guidance to walk me through the topics helped me apply the lessons in ways I would have never been able to do if I were trying to figure it out on my own.

Her training is both inspirational and practical. I found myself equipped with real tools and insights that I could apply with my team from week to week. Thank you for your help, Kathy!”

Reid Nicholson
VP Sales, Stateson Homes, Blacksburg, VA

9 Steps To Leading A Rockstar Sales Team

My personal mission is to share my powerful systems and tools so you can be the highly successful sales leader you’re capable of AND have time to enjoy a fun and happy personal life!

The Group Masterclass program


or 3 payments of $949

You’ll join other sales leaders and participate in a weekly LIVE 90-minute Zoom call led by Kathy. 

Each week you’ll receive a new module and workbook with leadership lessons, a video by KT with examples and highlights that bring each lesson to life, and you’ll have access to templates, checklists and guides that you can take to the field and implement immediately. Ask your questions, and enjoy connecting with fellow sales leaders.

Each call is 90 minutes:  

✓ 30 minutes spent reviewing successes and challenges from implementation, and Q/A. 

✓ 30 minutes to review a new set of lessons, examples and case studies.

✓ 30 minutes of coaching and role playing on how to implement the new lessons in your business.  

We limit the group size to a maximum of 15 people, all of whom are sales leaders in Homebuilding or Real Estate. Each call is recorded so you can refer back to it, as often you like.

Membership in a Private Facebook Group just for Sales Leaders in the course, so you can ask questions and share ideas.

Class meets on Thursdays, 3x a month
Time: 9AM – 10:30AM
Start Date: Thursday May 13, 2021
End Date: Thursday July 22, 2021

The VIP ONE-ON-ONE program


or 3 payments of $2995
If you prefer a more personalized approach, you may like the 1:1 program with Kathy.

Each week you’ll receive a new leadership module through the Sales Leadership Academy’s Membership Site. We’ll review a new module with a new leadership lesson. You’ll have homework and guidance on how to implement the tools and techniques in your daily operation. The program is completely tailored to you, your skills and your situation. We’ll dig into your challenges, we’ll identify solutions, and I’ll provide step by step guidance and support so you’re able to implement the strategies and systems in your business. If applicable, we’ll role play different scenarios to ensure you’re prepared to implement them in your business.

Sessions conducted 3x a month.
The dates and times scheduled at a mutually convenient time.
Bonus 1 – The Sales Meeting Survival Guide:

In this guide we provide a template to make the sales meetings positive, motivating and educational. Plus, reduce the stress of preparing training topics for your sales meeting, we offer sales training topics for every month of the year!

Value: $1500
Bonus 2 – The Sales Leaders Interview Guide For Hiring Rockstars:
Includes a guide to holding productive interviews and over 50 questions to identify key talents in rockstar sales people.
Value: $995
Bonus 3 – Three 30-minute One-On-One Private Coaching Sessions with KT:
• Early Program: To Jump Start your Success
• Mid-Program: To Check-in on Implementation/QA
• After Program: For Future Implementation Guidance
Value: $1500
“Kathy Tucker’s 9 Steps Leadership Program was an informative and comprehensive program. I’m very pleased with the content and execution of the program. Kathy really knows her stuff! It detailed the leadership role with step by step processes, examples and effective tools to use…which were easy to implement. I now feel more confident in my role.”
MaryAnn Koops
VP of Sales, Neal Homes

“For New Home Sales Leadership and Strategy – there’s no one I trust more than Kathy Tucker. She had a major influence on not just my career in new construction, but hundreds of others. Her sales and marketing expertise and experience working as an executive at the highest levels with one of the largest homebuilders in the country is unmatched. Kathy’s approach is that of a true mentor and coach – she’s a calming voice of reason in what is often a storm – in the life of a sales leader. She develops outstanding systems and her advice and systems create outstanding sales leaders.”

Beth Groner
Real Estate Expert, Keller Williams Fairfax Gateway
Retired Division President, Ryan Homes

“The 9 Steps program was the most extensive new home sales leadership training I’ve seen. I loved the way the program was put together because each module built on the previous one. Before I took this program, I met with my sales team regularly. But now that I use Kathy’s format for my 1:1s, I feel like more of an expert communicator and coach, and even my sales team is telling me how productive the meetings have been. …(I highly recommend this program to new and even experienced sales managers.)”

Luis Gonzalez
VP of Sales, Stanley Martin Homes

“I especially appreciated the time management lessons and I’m already feeling more in control of my day and workflow.  I’m setting better expectations with my team which has helped me schedule my time more efficiently and get more done in less time. The coaching guide is helping me have more productive meetings with my team because I ask better questions to help them figure out their own solutions”.

Tashia Mack-Moye
General Manager of Sales, Stanley Martin Homes


Well, if we haven’t bumped into each other with a glass of wine after a Homebuilder function, or you haven’t been following my weekly blogs… allow me to introduce myself:

I’m Kathy Tucker, affectionately known to many as KT.

I’m married to my college sweetheart, David, who’s also a boat captain and a wine sommelier, (YAY!) I’m the proud mom of 2 fabulously talented kids…one lives in NYC and works in sports marketing, the other’s a VT Hokie engineer. (he didn’t get that engineering brain from me!) I’m a wine-lover, a boater, and First Mate to Captain Dave, (my husband.) I love watching sunsets, I’ve seen most every rom com, and I’m a huge fan of Orange Theory and yoga!

Professionally, I’m a corporate Division President turned sales and leadership coach.

For years I worked as a DIvision sales manager for one of the nation’s top home builders. We hit our numbers…but I worked A LOT. Does that sound familiar?

It wasn’t until I had a melt down, when I realized I could not live that way. Life is too short. I was the bread winner in my family, and I wanted to climb the corporate ladder, but I also wanted to be a part of my kids life… and stay married! And raise a healthy, happy kids and family.


And so I went on a mission to figure out how to do my job well, AND have a life.

Guess what I figured out… I just needed

• To have the right vision for my team,
• To follow the right systems,
• To have the right mindset and confidence to create boundaries and stick to them.

And I did! I developed a team of self-reliant super achievers who were capable and competent. And I empowered THEM to get the results without needing so much of my time.

The result: Over the next 2 years, we were awarded the most improved division of the year, we grew our business, I was promoted, and we doubled the size of our region, and we sold over $250 million in new homes!
AND, I had a life: I attended all of my kid’s swim meets, I was not only home for dinner – I started cooking dinners, I completed my first triathlon, and I’m still married to my college sweetheart!

After over 2 decades of leading the top producing sales teams for national builders, I have come to believe:

• The Sales Manager job is demanding, but it can be a lot of FUN, if you have a rock star sales team.

• It takes a rock star sales LEADER, to lead a rock star sales TEAM.

• YOU can be a ROCK STAR sales leader, if you want to be.

• You don’t have to work 24/7 to get the results, you need to implement the RIGHT SYSTEMS.

I want to be the one to teach you how to be the rock star sales leader you’re meant to be!


These systems and tools worked for me, they’ve worked for countless others,
and they can work for you too.


“In over 20 years of working with Kathy, I’ve observed the transformation of countless managers as they worked under her direction, each realizing a greater level of success as they benefited from Kathy’s unique talent of uncovering their personal strengths and then supporting, encouraging and guiding them to become the leader they were meant to be. Kathy has built an army of loyal followers and lifelong friendships by mastering her true gift of coaching others to their personal greatness.”
Deb Micale
Owner, Micale and Associates, Charlotte, NC




A leadership role requires higher level thinking about your time, your resources, your vision and your actions to establish a culture of high performance and drive extraordinary results.


Learn the 5-step blueprint so you exceed monthly goals with a team who’s excited to come to work everyday.


Learn 3 different types of 1:1s and a step by step approach to each to maximize your effectiveness.


Learn the value of coaching and the skills to be a great coach.


Learn to progressively develop your team into self-reliant super achievers where they do their job well and require less of your direct supervision.


Learn the steps to managing performance, including when and how to fire someone who’s not performing.


Learn the key leadership skills to create an engaging and motivating environment that cultivates and retains top performers


Learn the talents to look for, and what to avoid.


Become an expert at community positioning and competitive brilliance.
Here’s the truth…

Most area sales managers are not given the training, direction or support to do their job efficiently and effectively. But they’re expected to get the results. If they don’t, they’re replaced. They think they have to solve all the problems. Visit every sales person every single week. Attend every meeting.

How can they possibly DO all that AND develop their team? How can they possibly DO all that AND have time to grow their career? How can they possibly DO all that AND have a life?  

Sales leaders, if you or your team aren’t getting the results you want,
what will you do? Just work harder?

The way I see it, you have two options:

You can do like I did, and just work harder, sacrificing your own health, personal time and happiness. With this strategy, everyone suffers… you, your team, your career and your family.


You can invest in yourself and learn from someone who has over 2 decades experience leading award-winning teams and coaching other sales leaders.


I believe from the bottom of my heart that we owe it to ourselves to invest in ourselves.

Invest in your most valuable asset, YOU!

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you’ll get:

The Sales Leadership Academy’s

9 Steps To Leading A Rockstar Sales Team

9 Modules, complete with a 150+ page workbook giving you the guidance you need to more effectively coach your team and transform them into self-reliant rockstars so you can get better results in less time.

The Sales Coach’s Road Map: A clear description of the 3 different types of 1:1’s to hold with your sale team, and a step by step guide on how to hold each of them so you maximize your effectiveness and results.

Videos examples in each module to bring the lessons to life and help you see how these skills and strategies can and will positively impact you and your ability to lead your team to higher levels of performance.

The rockstar sales profile, so you know what to look for and what to avoid when hiring sales people, so you stack your team with the right kind of talent. Includes my personal interview questions for all ten Rockstar behavioral characteristics.

Templates, checklists, interview questions, coaching guides and more, so you can take the guides and “Plug and Play,” and avoid spending time reinventing the wheel.

Time Management Tools to leverage your time so you can proactively manage your calendar.

A 5 Step Blue-Print to drive maximum sales without micromanaging your team.

Strategic Community Review Checklist, so you can better identify the issues causing an underperforming community and address the problems accordingly.

Let me give you more reasons to celebrate! Here are some special bonuses for you:
Bonus 1 – The Sales Meeting Survival Guide:
Sales meetings can make or break the culture of the sales team. In this guide we provide tips to make the sales meetings positive, motivating and educational. Plus, reduce the stress of preparing training topics for your sales meeting, we offer sales training topics for every month of the year!
Value: $1500
Bonus 2 – The Sales Leaders Interview Guide For Hiring Rockstars:
Includes a guide to holding productive interviews and over 50 questions to identify key talents in rockstar sales people.
Value: $995
Bonus 3 – Three 30-minute One-On-One Private Coaching Sessions with KT:
• Early Program: To Jump Start your Success
• Mid-Program: To Check-in on Implementation/QA
• After Program: For Future Implementation Guidance
Value: $1500

Choose The Group Masterclass or The VIP One-On-One Program:


For the go-getters who are social and like to learn from others



For the game changers ready to take their game to the next level quickly


30-Day Money Back Guarantee Let me say this up front….I am 100% committed to guiding you in your leadership journey and helping you achieve your goals. But I am only seeking true action takers. People who are willing to put the work in to get results.

I invite you to take a full 30 days to put me to the test. If you’re doing the work, and you’re still not seeing the benefit or getting any results, I’ll return your money.
Questions you’re probably thinking:

The Masterclass Sessions begin May 13th, 9-10:30 am, and will meet 3 times per month on the second, third and fourth week of the month. It will be starting on May 13 and go thru July 22. You will also have lifetime access to the course via the membership site.*

The VIP program with 1:1’s will also start in May.
There is limited availability, as I only take 3 people for 1:1’s.
We will meet 3x month also, but we’ll chat and find dates that work for us both.
Click here to schedule a time to chat.

Most members have shared that they take about an hour each week to watch the videos and review the workbook, and then another 90 minutes to participate in the live sessions. So a total of about 2.5-3 hour each week.

The good news is that in very first module, we cover time management strategies, and I’ve had many members tell me that with implementing some of the time management strategies, they’ve saved 3-5 hours each week, or MORE!. So, give it a go! When we really want something, we make time for it.

Most likely, yes. Here’s why: After conducting many 1:1 coaching calls with experienced sales managers, I find two things: First, a lot of them have learned by trial and error, and they’re not following the effective strategies and systems I teach, and so they’re working harder than necessary to get the results. This course provides clear guidance on how to be a more effective leader and coach. When you operate more efficiently and effectively, then you get a better job done in less time, and have a life! And second: When we’ve dug deeper on these topics and they’ve heard my strategies and perspectives, even the most experienced sales managers have gained a new appreciation for what, why and HOW we do what we do…and they stay fresh, uplevel their skills and thought processes and are even more inspired.

Yes, and here’s why. This program is not an “off the shelf” program. It’s written and conducted by someone who has done YOUR job and been highly successful. And I’ve most likely done your boss’s job too. So, while this course does not cover how to read and interpret your company’s reports, that’s ok. That’s what your managers can cover with you. But I will cover the soft skills that a lot of managers are not so good at teaching. I’ll also share effective SALES leadership strategies that they’ve most likely not employed. AND, most importantly, there’s no judgment with me. You don’t have to be fearful when asking me questions. This is highly confidential and you have me as your trusted advisor.

No Problem. We’ll be recording each session and you can watch the replays. PLUS, if you do have to miss during the 90 day program, I will offer you a one-time opportunity for a free 30 minute private session to cover the topics missed that week. The information builds on itself, and I really want you to get the information and coaching before we move to the next module.

As long as you give me 24 hours notice, I will work with you to reschedule your 1:1 session to a time that’s mutually convenient.

I’m really good at helping YOU be great at what YOU do.
After over 30 years as an executive in home building, leading some of the highest volume divisions in two of the biggest homebuilders in the country, I know how to effectively manage a successful sales team. I’ve helped countless others who are now Division Presidents, Sales VP’s, Business owners, Area Sales Managers and so many more.
But don’t be intimidated by my experience and track record. I’m truly so much more than my resume and education.
I’m a human being who cares about you and your success.
And my style is not stuffy.
I’m direct but encouraging.
I believe in finding the good in people and situations.


First, every time I conduct this course, I see the power of it. I see it changing lives, and THAT is why I do it. Second, I wish I had this course when I was early in my career. When my children were very young, I worked long hours, and I worked inefficiently. As a result, my career was slow to take off, and worse, those years with my kids are a blur. It brings tears to my eyes because it didn’t have to be that way. I don’t want that happening to you. There is an easier way.
Finally, I’m fun! I love to laugh, I love to hug, and I love to bring out the best in YOU.
I infuse the sessions with my energy, and I sprinkle real life examples throughout the course to make it interesting, engaging, and fun! I keep the masterclass size small so we can engage and learn from each other. The time flies; we learn, we laugh and we develop new friendships.

If you’re willing to open your mind and heart to learn, then I invite you to join me… you’ll be glad you did!

Kathy Tucker

“Kathy has been instrumental in my career! She taught me her 9 Game Changers for sales leaders and gave me the tools and confidence to lead my team by helping me with creating a culture of competitive brilliance and positioning communities to sell, removing various obstacles for my team members and cultivating an environment of positivity and accountability! With her mentoring I have been able to establish a results oriented, competitive yet collaborative team and I love being a sales leader!”
Maria Bansal
VP of Sales, Stanley Martin Homes & Winner of the 2019 Sales Manager of the Year, Charlotte Home Builders Association
“I had the privilege of working with Kathy as her partner when I was a new Sales Manager. While she was my partner, she also coached me on how to become a stronger sales manager, and I learned so much from her. KT is a tough interviewer and has a knack for identifying true talent. She was not only strategic in her positioning of communities but was motivating to the individual sales reps. She was adept at identifying each individual ‘s motivators and focused on them to help each achieve their personal goals. She built a strong team with a combination of holding them accountable and having a lot of fun!”
Bill Kane
VP and Division Manager, Ryan Homes, Greenville, SC
Chris Burns
“When I took over as the leader of the sales department, I needed to grow our company to levels that we had not seen in our history. Kathy helped me by providing systems that our small company did not have before. I’m a much more effective sales leader because of Kathy and her program.”
Chris Burns
VP of Sales & Marketing, Atlantic Builders, Fredricksburg, VA
Karen Turner

“Kathy has a magical way about teaching new home sales. She offers enthusiastic support while delivering candid and valuable feedback. This makes everyone involved feel like not just improvement, but unbelievable success is in reach. I left every session feeling excited to learn more.”

Karen Turner
Stateson Homes
If you want the option to buy a program in three installments, give me a call (704) 363 – 9213