The most successful people make time to reflect.  

Over the last 3 weeks I went on a post-vaccine whirl wind tour and traveled to see family and friends I had not seen in well over a year.  My heart is full.  I'm starting to feel like life is getting back to a new normal again, and I couldn't be happier. 

Often when I travel, I enjoy taking time to read.  This time, I read an article about successful people, and how they gain clarity when they reflect.  And then a friend asked me some thought provoking questions, and we reflected and shared our thoughts.  I enjoyed the mental exercise and found the ideas that emerged were valuable and even energizing.  So I wanted to share some questions with you.  

  1. What have you learned about yourself over the last year, that you would not have learned if it had not been for Covid?
  2. How did you leverage technology over the last year? Will you continue?
  3. As we emerge from Covid protocols, which changes do you think are worth continuing?  i.e.  Hybrid office hours? Morning exercise rituals? 
  4. This last year was challenging, but there were many successes.  What are you most proud of?  
  5. Improved skills, consistent actions and positive attitudes lead us to exemplary results.  What actions have you taken to elevate your skills, actions and attitudes over the last year, and what will you do moving forward?  
BONUS:  How will you re-energize yourself, so you're giving your best self to your team, your organization and your family?

As I answered these questions, in some cases I was proud of myself, in others, I needed to give myself grace.  (like...I gained over 10 lbs.  why?   Less consistent exercise and more comfort food/wine.  We are all human. Time for a change!) 
I hope you find this helpful.  

If there's anyway I can help you, let me know. 

PS.   If you know a sales leader who would enjoy this, please share.
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Kathy is a corporate Homebuilding Sales Leader turned Executive Sales and Leadership Coach.  She started in new home sales, worked many years as VP of sales, working her way up to Division President of a national homebuilder.  In 2018, instead of retiring, she founded Kathy Tucker Coaching & Consulting to help builders and real estate companies develop top producing sales teams and brilliant sales leaders who foster a healthy, high-performance sales culture.

Kathy offers:
 The Sales Leadership Academy: A 12-week Leadership Program: 9 Steps to Leading a Rock Star Sales Team.  Offered weekly in a 1:1 or a Masterclass setting.  
Virtual Sales Training Workshops: The Art of Selling New Homes 
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