Every day something seems to be changing…

and change brings challenge.

Challenge can lead to fear. 

Some people rise in the face of a challenge, others fall down.What makes the difference?One word.The one word that changes everything….The one word that reframes the mindset around any challenge…is the word….HOW.When faced with a challenge, instead of thinking:CAN I do it?  yes or no. Instead, ask yourself, or your team…HOW can we do it?

How can we improve our customer experience to “x”?How can we increase our margins to “y”?How can we build this house in 60 days?How can we reduce these costs by “z percentage”?How can we find more land?How can I lose 10 pounds?

HOW gets the mind thinking, processing, and working toward figuring out a positive solution.HOW includes them in the solution, so you earn their buy in.

Setting challenging goals is one thing.And it’s the job of the sales leader.But then helping our team determine HOW to do it, so they think positively and identify the right activities that will lead to success is another story. 

Start by simply asking the question…HOW?

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Kathy is a corporate Homebuilding Sales Leader turned Executive Sales and Leadership Coach.  She started in new home sales, worked many years as VP of sales, working her way up to Division President of a national homebuilder.  In 2018, instead of retiring, she founded Kathy Tucker Coaching & Consulting to help builders and real estate companies develop top producing sales teams and brilliant sales leaders who foster a healthy, high-performance sales culture.Kathy offers: The Sales Leadership Academy: A 12-week Leadership Program: 9 Steps to Leading a Rock Star Sales Team.  Offered weekly in a 1:1 or a Masterclass setting.  Virtual Sales Training Workshops: The Art of Selling New Homes  1:1 Coaching for Sales Professionals and Sales Leaders

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