If you're not observant, you shouldn't be a leader.

Are you observant?

Do you see the flowers amidst the weeds?

When I'm coaching sales leaders, we often talk about how they can use their "power" to change the culture of the organization for the better or worse.

So often as leaders, we see the problems and want to fix them. We see the gaps and deficiencies, and feel inclined to address them.

But I challenge you to look for the flower amidst the weeds.

Look for the good in your people! 

One of the most important characteristics of a good leader is to be observant and look for the good in their people and in situations.

When you're observant, and you see your employees doing something RIGHT, and then you take the time to TELL THEM... both in a 1:1 and in a group setting, you can change the trajectory of your team for the better.

When you praise specific, positive performance, it not only gives the employee a short term boost, but it also- and very importantly, reinforces the positive behavior which is then more likely to be repeated by that employee and everyone, thereby enhancing your culture for the long term.

Even though we're all busy, and you're seeing your team virtually more frequently than in-person, now more than ever it's so important to


And let me know what happens!

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