Home sales are good, right?

But are you ready for when the market changes?

Do you have systems in place to maximize your opportunities now AND later, especially when your team grows?

Are you updating your skills to be the most effective leader you can be?

😩 When I was first managing a sales team, I worked excessive hours and sacrificed valuable time with my family and had virtually no time for myself, because I was driven to ensure my team made their sales goals.

And we did make our goals.  Most times.

😎 But once I learned that leadership was more about creating an ENVIRONMENT for everyone to succeed, which included establishing better SYSTEMS, TOOLS and SKILLS, my life changed for the better.

💥I was no longer spending so much time putting out fires.

💥Or dealing with tons of administrative minutia.

💥Or delaying those tough conversations with my under-performers.

💥Or spending hours planning sales meetings.

✅Instead, I embraced better systems and learned executive skills to create and lead a rockstar sales team. My team won (almost) every sales contest available, I became known as the “go-to” Sales Leader who trained other sales leaders, and loved every minute of it.

😎I also enjoyed my time off.  Enjoyed my family vacations.  Became comfortable taking time to BE PRESENT with my husband and kids.

If you want to do the same, join me in my Sales Leadership Masterclass.  The new class starts in September.

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Kathy Tucker Coaching & Consulting is a boutique sales and leadership training company specializing in helping builders and real estate companies develop top producing sales teams and brilliant sales leaders who foster a healthy, high-performance sales culture.

After over 25 years leading top-producing sales teams with the nation’s leading homebuilders, Kathy saw many sales leaders being under-trained or burning out, or wanting to get to the next level of their career but not knowing how to do it. So she started her coaching business to help sales managers learn the systems and skills to take their performance to the next level and THRIVE in the role of the sales leader.

Kathy offers:

Virtual Sales Training Workshops, 1:1 Coaching for Sales Professionals and Sales Leaders, and her Signature Leadership Program: 9 Steps to Leading a Rock Star Sales Team.

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