When I was first promoted to sales manager of a team of 10, I was only 26 years old.

I was managing a team where everyone was older than me and many had more years of sales experience.

I didn’t know what it took to be a great sales manager, but I knew i wanted to help my team be successful.

There were no corporate training programs.

Thankfully, I had mentors who took me under their wing and “groomed” me. As a result, I enjoyed many years managing award winning sales teams.

Just as my mentors groomed me, it’s now my turn to “give back” and share what I’ve learned.

So, in my humble opinion… what does it take to be a rock star sales leader?

Aside from understanding sales and having a basic business sense,  here’s my take on what it takes:

The 7 Attributes every Sales Leader should have:

A Coaching Mentality:  They develop people.  They embrace opportunities to inspire others to learn and grow every single day.  A Focus on Other People’s Success:  They genuinely care about others and take an active interest in their success. They value their team.Radiate Positivity:  They look for and find the good in people and situations. They’re energy givers.Authentic Connection:  They connect with their team on a deeper level. They understand their “why,” and inspire them to reach beyond their best. A Sixth Sense for Talent: They have an ability to identify talent.  They understand that talent is not the same as experience, and they stack their team with the best talent in the industry and develop them into rock stars.Listen and Reflect:  They read between the lines. They listen with their eyes, ears and heart, hearing the thoughts and feelings of others and reflecting on the complexities and possibilities of the situation before responding.A Passion for Learning: They have a growth mindset.  They’re mindful of their strengths and weaknesses and open to the discomfort of stretching beyond their comfort zone and learning, falling, and growing.

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