Transform your coaching sessions into the most fun and effective 60 minutes you’ll spend all day.

…Our goal is to develop our sales people into top performers, not demotivate them.  But sometimes when we try to coach them to enhance their skills, we end up focusing on their weaknesses and they become defensive and we leave them not just uninspired, but sometimes they even resent us.

I’ve been there.  I learned the hard way.

One time I tried to “fix” a brand new sales person’s model demo by giving her several pages of things to do differently.  Major rookie mistake.

Thank goodness I learned a better way.

A method that builds skills and confidence and leaves them inspired so they become the best sales person they can be, and they appreciate your time coaching them.

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A step by step coaching model to up-level your sales team’s skills and build their confidence, not resentment.

Your team’s sales may be great right now. And your sales teams are busy, busy, busy. And so are you.

With all this busy-ness, are your sales reps taking short cuts and still able to get results?

If so, we need to talk!

When sales are so good, sales people start to get into bad habits. They take short cuts.  they skip important steps.  And their skills start to atrophy, just like an athlete who’s not going to the gym for a few weeks.

When the market is good and the team is so busy and they have people waiting in line to buy, it’s natural to take shortcuts.  But when we do, we don’t typically set adequate expectations, nor do we pay as close attention to detail.  And then stuff falls through the cracks, misunderstandings happen and customers get upset.  Then we work even more hours serving as fireman to fix the problems.

Slowing down helps you speed up and prevents the fires that waste so much time.

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Take a few minutes to read through it.  I challenge you to implement the best practices for two months.  And you’ll begin to see a vast difference in how your team operates.  It’s not a matter of spending more time with your team, (well, maybe it is for some,) but usually it’s just a matter of spending better focused and more efficient time with your team that makes all the difference.

Your team will still get the sales, but you won’t have to play fireman. Instead you can play the ukelele!

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