Are you willing to think differently?

This last year taught us to think differently about our industry.Virtual Selling. Meetings on Zoom. Showing Homesites via FaceTime. Video messaging.We thought differently.  We learned, and we succeeded.Thinking differently leads to learning, which can lead to phenomenal growth and success.True Story: I was an experienced  sales manager covering 10 communities.We were selling about 35-40 homes per month, increasing prices, opening new communities, closing others. Sales were rolling.  Life was good, but super busy.We not only hit our goal month after month, we surpassed it!  I thought I was hot S***! But I was working non-stop and missing a lot of time with my kids and husband.One day my boss’s boss asked me “KT, why do we only get sales when you’re  there, but if you’re on vacation, or busy with a week of meetings, we get goose eggs?”My first reaction was….because I’m such a good sales manager, I solve problems, I inspire them, I help them convert. But, I knew he had another perspective.He challenged me to think differently.  Why did they need me so much?Why was my phone ringing off the hook?Why did we only get sales when I was there?Why was I working so much?Over the next couple months, and years, I learned to think…and operate differently.  Thinking differently taught methat being a sales leader didn’t mean that I needed to solve all their problems.  I didn’t need to see every single sales person every single week.  Thinking differently taught me to challenge them differently too. I needed to be there for them, but I also needed to challenge each one differently, depending on their skill levels. I needed to think differently about who and how I was coaching.I needed to think differently about how I used my time.I needed to think differently about how I delegated and to whom.I needed to think differently about my expectations of them.He challenged me to think differently, and operate differently.I began to think differently about how to get results through my team. Instead of spending my energies managing primarily to results, I started focusing more on their skills, their actions and their attitudes, all of which led to even better results.  I invested time in coaching them to better their skills.I held them accountable to take the right actions.I focused on building their confidence and ensuring their attitudes were positive- all of which drove the results. As I began to think differently, I challenged THEM to think and operate differently, and to become more competent and confident at managing their own community and becoming SELF-RELIANT high achievers. My life changed. I worked less.  And they produced more!I share this because I see many sales leaders out there who are in a similar situation. Maybe sales are strong today, but other key metrics are declining.  The sales leaders are managing to the results, not to the actions, skills and attitudes that produce the long term positive results.  And they’re working overtime and running themselves ragged. Over the next 5 weeks, I’ll be conducting a THINK DIFFERENTLY series… I’ll be conducting FACEBOOK LIVES on Tuesday evenings from 4:30-5pm to share ideas on key topics.  Please join me.Here’s the schedule:Feb 16:  Think Differently to get more TimeFeb 23: Think Differently to hold More Effective 1:1’sMarch 2:  Think Differently about How you Coach your TeamMarch 9: Think Differently to Develop Self-Reliant High AchieversMarch 16: Think Differently to Launch Your Communities more Successfully

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In our Sales Leadership Academy Program, 9 Steps to Leading a Rock Star Sales Team, we go into depth on all of these topics, and more. If you or someone you know would like to learn more,  visit:  http://www.kathytuckercoaching.com. We’ll be launching a new masterclass in March.  Stay tuned.

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