What we think drives our actions

which lead to our results.

What if we challenged our thinking about TIMEand took different actions,that saved several hours each week and reduced our stress?YOU IN?

In last week’s blog, I shared how a previous boss challenged me to think differently, and it changed my life for the better.

Today I’m going to challenge you to think differently about your TIME.In my THINK DIFFERENTLY SERIES on FaceBook LIVE, I suggest 5  strategies that have helped me to be in better control of my time, and my life…so I get more done in less time and have time to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine with my husband in the evening!  Would you like to join me? The top 5 strategies:1. Resist the illusion that your current workload is temporary.  It isn’t.  Think about the last couple years.  It doesn’t get better, does it?  It won’t change until YOU change your thoughts and behaviors.  Once you accept this, you start actively seeking new strategies and taking different actions that help you work more efficiently.   2. Resist the illusion that it’s your job to do everything. It isn’t.  Delegate.  When you surround yourself with talented people and delegate, you empower and develop others.  You also gain time to spend on those items that move the needle or on “me” time.  Develop your skills in delegation so you know to whom, what and how to delegate most effectively.  (That’s a topic for another session!)3. Resist the illusion that everything is equally important.  It’s not.  Prioritize, and eliminate the non essential.     We all only have 24 hours every day.  Those items that are not essential may be distracting you and costing you valuable time.  So if someone asks you to attend a meeting, or go to a function, think….If I say YES to this, what will I say NO to?   Because if you say yes, it may cause you to miss dinner that evening at home with your family.  Is it worth it? 4. Resist the feeling that you need to be the super-hero and solve everyone’s problems.  You don’t.  In fact, for their benefit, you shouldn’t.  What happens when you become the go-to and are consistently solving their problems? You become their crutch.  You’re not coaching them to think or to problem solve on their own.  Think differently; put on your coaching hat and develop them into self reliant sales people who are capable and confident to solve their own challenges.   5.  Get rid of your TO-DO list, and TIME BLOCK your tasks onto your calendar.  This one strategy incorporates all of the above and is life changing. When you’re ready to add a task to your to do list, and you look at your calendar and see that it’s filling up, it forces you to make better choices with your time.  And, when you know you have a lot to do, but you have it all accounted for on your calendar, it alleviates the stress and allows you to enjoy your off hours. To see the REPLAY of the LIVE SESSION that offers more actions to take in each of the above strategies, click here:https://fb.watch/3JiVKw1NLU/To see the rest of the FB LIVE series listed below, JOIN MY PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP FOR NEW HOME SALES LEADERS,  Peak Performance Leaders.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/2052320155065625Tuesdays from 4:30-5 pm Eastern Time:Feb 23: Think Differently and hold more effective 1:1s with your team.March 2: Think Differently about How You’re Coaching your team.March 9: Think Differently to Develop Self-Reliant Super Achievers March 16: Think Differently to Launch your Communities with even more Success.

In our Sales Leadership Academy Program, 9 Steps to Leading a Rock Star Sales Team, we go in depth on Time Management Strategies and all the above “Think Differently” topics. If you or someone you know would like to learn more,  visit:   http://www.kathytuckercoaching.com.

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