If we keep doing what we've always done,

we'll continue to get what we've always gotten. 

In this THINK DIFFERENTLY segment, I challenge you to think differently about how you're spending your time with your sales team.

Here's why:

So many Area Sales Managers come to me, and many are exhausted.  They're working like crazy and have very little time to breathe.  It doesn't have to be that way.

After chatting with them, I understand they're meeting with their sales people on a consistent basis; they're reviewing prospects, problems, customers issues, but they're not seeing progress in their sales team's development.

In my THINK DIFFERENTLY SERIES, I suggest a new way of conducting your 1:1's, so you transform your team into self reliant super achievers and get the results you need, with less effort.  So you don't have to be so busy, busy, busy. 

Developing your team into self-reliant super achievers who manage their community like it's their own business doesn't happen over night. 

It takes an investment of your time, a planned strategy, and effective 1:1's.

When you implement this strategy, you'll find that your sales people will develop the right skills, activities and attitude to be self sufficient and get results without needing so much of your time and attention.

The strategy is all about how we conduct our 1:1's with our sales people. 

In a nutshell, here's the secret sauce! 

(I go over this in more detail in the FB live, you can listen here.  https://fb.watch/3SsltpPD_e/
I also go into far more detail in my Sales Leadership Academy Program, 9 Steps to Leading a Rock Star Sales Team. See below for more details. )

Think of your 1:1's as 3 different types of 1:1s, all with different purposes:

The 1:1 for Accountability- To Review Results of Key Metrics, and hold them accountable.
The 1:1 for Sales Conversion
- To Review Prospects and Advance Sales
The 1:1 for Performance Coaching:
To Observe, Coach and Develop their Skills

What I find is that most sales leaders are doing the 1:1 for sales conversions; some do it better than others.  But most do not do the other two in a consistent, strategic fashion.

Here's a brief explanation of the three different 1:1's.

The 1:1 for Accountability: This will radically impact the culture of your team.  This is a monthly 20 minute face to face or Zoom meeting, conducted on the first or second day of the month where you review last month's sales goals and key metrics, the actual  results, the goals for the new month, and a high level assessment of their sales funnel to see if they have the prospects to hit their goals. 

This meeting must be consistent, short and to the point, let the numbers do the talking, and it must only focus on 3-5 KEY metrics.  This way, they stay focused on the key metrics, they know where they stand regarding results, and no one slips under the radar with potential issues that could become big problems if unaddressed.  

If they're doing well, it's a great time to thank them, show your appreciation, and ideally challenge them to new personal bests.

If they're missing in some area, you let them know it's not acceptable, and you schedule an immediate follow up performance coaching meeting to identify the gap and give them the direction, training and support needed.  This urgency adds focus, and helps you develop their skills as needed, and coach them up.  (or out, but that's another module!)

The 1:1 for Sales Conversions: You're most likely already doing this, but are you doing it as effectively as necessary? 

Here's the secret sauce: This is a planned meeting so they're prepared, and you have notes from the CRM and previous meetings.

You use the same format every time, so they learn the key process for moving prospects forward and handling issues if the prospects are stalled. 

And you don't give them the answers, you COACH them, and help them come up with the solutions to convert the prospects.  You may even practice and do mini role plays to ensure they know how to move the prospect forward. You leave them feeling inspired.

The 1:1 for Performance Coaching:  this is a game changer, and unfortunately, it's rarely done, unless it's for new hires. 

My opinion- Sales Leaders are Sales Coaches, and every sales person, even the best of the best, benefits from practicing with their sales coach. 

How can you coach them to develop their skills if you don't observe them in action or in a role play. Think of Michael Phelps...and every top athlete, they always had a coach.  How often do you meet with your sales rep for this 1:1?  Monthly preferably, quarterly at a minimum. And always with a mutual purpose.  

Whether it's sales skills, CRM processes, backlog management, or even paperwork, these are the skills and activities that lead to success.  To practice, provide feedback and inspire to new levels of performance is the key to developing self reliant sales people. 

Get this right, and you're on the road to success.  Get this wrong, and you've irritated your sales people and left them resentful, and wasted precious time.     

If you want to develop a team of self-reliant super achievers, maximize your effectiveness in the field and hold more purposeful 1:1's.  

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