Sales Leaders are Sales Coaches.

When we coach effectively, we help the sales team rise to new and higher levels of performance.

In this THINK DIFFERENTLY segment, I challenge you to think differently about HOW you’re COACHING your team in your Performance Coaching 1:1s.Here’s why:So many Area Sales Managers tell me they know it’s important to observe and role play with their sales people, but when they go to meet the sales person….it doesn’t happen,Either the sales person is  “too busy,” and they run out of time.Or the sales person has something else “more urgent” to discuss, which takes precedent.  These are distractions.  Why?  because they’re not comfortable and they’re definitely not interested in being critiqued.Or, if the role play does happen, it doesn’t always go so well.  They become defensive, uninspired and sometimes resentful. In my THINK DIFFERENTLY SERIES, I suggest a new way of thinking so the sales person is bought in and genuinely wants to practice, and you get better results.  In fact, you help them grow from good to great, and from great to rock stars. In a nutshell, here’s the secret sauce! I go over this in more detail in the FB live, you can listen here. https://fb.watch/3-zjzaM1gD/Effective Coaching requires a fail safe process.  Here’s one that I’ve used for years and seen tremendous results:1. YOU as the leader must assume the following mindset:

You’re not trying to “fix” weaknesses, you’re enhancing strengths and skills.You’re not trying to address every little item, together you’re identifying a couple key skills or techniques to further develop.You’re not there to critique, you’re there to help them go from good to great, or great to rockstar.You’re not there as their manager, you’re there as their COACH.You’re their PARTNER in learning and success.

2. USE the PRE-COACHING planning Guide…to PLAN the meeting, and gain their buy-in: I have a cheat sheet for this, you can get it here: https://mailchi.mp/kathytuckercoaching/free-coaching-guide

Schedule the date and time in advance, and give them your undivided attention.Together plan the key topic for practice.Ask them: what results are they expecting as a result of the session?Ask them: on a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to take action to grow.


When you arrive, build rapport, so you set comfortable environmentPraise previous performance, so they feel good about themselves.Propose your agenda, so they know what to expect and are less fearfulExplain how enhancing this skill will BENEFIT THEM, so they gain more buy in.Explain what a good job looks like, if they don’t already know. When observing a live interaction, establish how you’ll be introduced..(i.e.  not as their manager), and to what extent you will interact with the prospect (hopefully not very much, if at all, and only to endorse the sales person) so you take away their fear of you undermining their credibility.


Observe, listen carefully, and take detailed notes, so you can provide better feedback.Debrief and let THEM GO FIRST.  What went well, what would they change and why?  How so? Practice it.Debrief and YOU provide feedback: What went well, be specific and generous with the positives.  Explain how it impacted the buyer, the end result.  Share your perspective on what could have gone better.  Ask them their thoughts?  How could they have done it differently? Facilitate their problem solving. Practice until they get it.  Discuss the impact and results of making these changes.Don’t make a laundry list of items to develop…just a total of 2-3 key items.


Ask them to summarize THEIR key take-aways, so they isolate and verbalize the key areas they want to focus on.Ask them how will this impact them, so they gain an understanding of the benefits of the enhanced skill, new technique.Create a specific action plan with date to follow up, so you hold them accountable.Praise their effort, so they know you care and appreciate their engagement.  Focus on progress over perfection. INSPIRE them…help them see the impact of the tweaks to their skills/ process, so you leave them feeling good about themselves and encouraged about what they’re capable of.Communicate your belief in them and reinforce your partnership in helping them succeed.

I have prepared a cheat sheet for this.. The Sale’s Leader’s Coaching Guide.  You can access it here:https://mailchi.mp/kathytuckercoaching/free-coaching-guideSales Leaders are Sales COACHES.  Every sales person, even the best of the best, benefits from practicing with their sales coach. Get this right, and you’re on the road to success. Get this wrong, and you’ve irritated your sales people and left them resentful and stagnant. And wasted precious time.     If you want to develop a team that thrives, follow the Sales Leaders Coaching Guide and set your sales person….and yourself up for success!*****************************************************Two more sessions in the THINK DIFFERENTLY Series:Tuesdays at 4:30 in my Facebook Live Page…Kathy Tucker Coaching & Consulting.https://www.facebook.com/ktsrockstarsMarch 9: Think Differently to Develop Self-Reliant Super Achievers March 16: Think Differently and Launch your Communities more Successfully.

In our Sales Leadership Academy Program, 9 Steps to Leading a Rock Star Sales Team, we go in depth on all of these topics and more.  If you or someone you know would like to learn more,  visit:  http://www.kathytuckercoaching.com. A new Masterclass will start in May, contact me to get on the waiting list, or you can sign up for a 1:1 series with Kathy.  Contact me at kathy@kathytuckercoaching.com

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Kathy is a corporate Homebuilding Sales Leader turned Sales and Leadership Coach.  She started in new home sales, worked many years as VP of sales, working her way up to Division President of a national homebuilder.  In 2018, instead of retiring, she founded Kathy Tucker Coaching & Consulting to help builders and real estate companies develop top producing sales teams and brilliant sales leaders who foster a healthy, high-performance sales culture.

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