Develop a team of Self-Reliant Super Achievers, and your life will change for the better.

In this THINK DIFFERENTLY segment, I challenge you to think differently about your VISION for your sales team.  When you envision a team of self-reliant super achievers, and then take the correct actions to develop them, you’ll get better results and have more time to do the other activities you enjoy.Here’s why….A lot of area sales managers are managing just to tasks and results….to get sales, to get settlements, to get higher margins and higher customer service ratings and on and on.  I get that, I’ve run a profit center too.  BUT…What’s wrong with that?Well, nothing, if you want to work 24/7.Managing to tasks and results requires meeting every sales rep every week, reviewing prospects, backlog, community issues, marketing items, customer issues…and on and on.Don’t get me wrong.Results are absolutely necessary.And while results are extremely important, that vision and process is short sighted.Here’s the game changer:Results are achieved by People.When you focus your management on DEVELOPING PEOPLE, and you develop Self Reliant Super Achievers and keep them engaged and inspired…

THEY will get the results,THEY will take care of your customers,THEY will manage their backlog,THEY will manage their marketing and community.

What’s the difference?When you focus on developing your team to become highly skilled, self-reliant super achievers, and you manage to that expectation, the results will pleasantly surprise you.You won’t need to meet these sales people every single week to review the prospects and the other laundry list of items.   Sure…you’ll still meet them monthly for the 1:1 accountability meeting, and at least one other time  during the month for developmental reasons, but it’s a totally different meeting.  This frees you up and allows YOU time to think more strategically, to plan, to develop your own career, and to have more “me” time, if you so choose.FULL DISCLOSURE:This doesn’t happen over night.But it can be your reality.It was mine.And over the last 2 decades since I’ve been mentoring other area sales managers, it’s been the reality of many more.What does it take?In a nutshell, here’s the key elements:(This quick blog doesn’t do full justice, but here are the key points and I expand in my leadership program.)

ENVISION…that you EXPECT them to become self-reliant high achievers…and hire accordingly.Communicate your vision to your team…. And share with them what a good job looks like.  It’s not just managing to results: like achieving your sales numbers.  Or having high customer service numbers. Or getting the closings on time. That’s all expected.  But it’s more than that….It’s expecting them to think differently, to problem solve, to be proactive, to provide solutions, and to competently manage their community like it’s their own business. Partner with them and provide the appropriate level of guidance and support so you build their competence and their confidence.  Not on everything all at once. In my 9 Steps to leading a Rock Star Sales Team leadership program. I divide it into 5 pillars of expertise:Sales Conversion and prospecting….Backlog Management….Community management…Customer service…Competitive Brilliance….EMPOWER them.  Once they’re competent and capable, give them the space to manage their business. It might be one pillar at a time. But as you coach them, they’ll grow.  Of course,  they’ll make mistakes, but use that as a learning opportunity.  And remove obstacles for them so they can be successful, and give them the support and direction, as needed. PRAISE them/ THANK them./ VALUE them/ CHALLENGE them.When they’re operating as a self reliant high achiever, show your appreciation: Thank them.Praise them: Observe them, complement them, and share their stories with the others….this inspires everyone.Value them: Tap into their expertise and ask their opinions of floor plans, land opportunities, promotions…they’re on the front line and have great ideas.Challenge them…to new personal bests…this keeps them even more engaged…”last year you sold x number of homes in June, will you be able to exceed that this year?”

Your role as a sales leader is a critical one to the organization.  It’s up to YOU to develop your team and create an environment that allows them to grow and flourish…because when they do, everybody wins.

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