Even experts get nervous when they transition to a new role. Understanding the learning curve helps you navigate the transition and gain quicker success.

This is the time of year when we see a lot of job changes and movement in personnel.

Companies are getting their leadership teams in place for the new year.  Sales Leaders are assembling their sales teams.

If 2020 wasn’t stressful enough, enter even more change.

Change brings stress to both the individual who’s changing jobs, and their staff.

Whether YOU are changing roles or someone on your team is, it’s important to understand the natural learning curve of new jobs so you can navigate the transition easily, quickly and successfully.

Even moving an experienced sales person from one community to another presents a challenge that requires adapting their skills and learning new information which can be stressful, time consuming and impact long term results.

Understanding The Learning Curve:

Stage 1:

You got the job.  You’re excited for the new responsibility, thrilled at the idea of making more money, and proud of yourself regarding your career growth.

💥For people in this stage, they need training and clear direction so they know what’s expected and the road map of how to get where they need to go.

Stage 2:

You start the new job, and suddenly fear sets in.  All eyes are on you.  You’ve moved out of the comfort of the old job where you were an expert, and into the fear of the unknown. Will you be able learn everything you need to know quickly, AND produce the expected results?

Who can you count on to help you navigate the new responsibilities, hone your skills?  As you get inundated with unfamiliar reports and processes, it becomes clear how much you don’t know.  You make mistakes.  You’re unsure of what to do. You start to lose confidence in yourself and wonder why you ever thought this new job was a good idea!

💥For people in this stage, they need guidance by someone who knows the job and can show them how to accomplish the task. Confidence is often shaken, so they need unwavering support and someone to demonstrate their belief in them.   They also need to reframe their mindset and embrace the learning lessons, realizing that it’s part of the journey, mistakes will be made and it’s ok to not know everything.


Stage 3:

You’re more familiar with the people and processes, and you’re having success, but you might not be fully confident in your abilities, skills and decision making yet.  After all, you’re still in fairly new territory, and you’re gaining experience, but you’re self aware enough to know that you’re not the expert yet that you once were in the “old job.”

💥For people in this stage, they need coaching.  Supportive coaching is so powerful in this stage because it helps them practice their skills, build their confidence, and go from good to great.

Stage 4:

You’re in your “flow.”  You know what you’re doing.  You’re a high achiever and your results are strong. You’ve been empowered to run your business, make decisions, and you enjoy seeing the results.

💥For people in this stage, they need you to give them space to run their business.  Allow them to take reasonable risks, celebrate their successes, and learn from mistakes. Inspire them to achieve peak levels of performance, and raise the bar for the rest of the team.

Making job changes can be scary at first.  But when you understand the natural learning curve, reframe your mindset and acquire the appropriate resources to help you through the transitions, the success comes easier, quicker and with less stress.

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