Sometimes it's the simplest things that can make or break us.

As a sales leader, I visited my communities weekly.  But sometimes I had blind spots that were costly. 

We spend time in the field with our sales team to coach them and address their various issues.

Sometimes we're so focused on the issue at hand, we miss the obvious.  I call it our blind spots.  

I had a builder who called me to ask for help. 

He had a community where the traffic was down and so were the sales. He was trying to figure out why and what to do. 

He thought it was his pricing.  He had recently raised prices for his new section.  

We agreed to meet at the model home to work with the sales person and complete a Strategic Community Review so we could look at the product, pricing and competition and review the USP  to see if we needed to make changes to the positioning.  

Here's what happened:

When I drove to the community, the model address that I had pulled from the website and plugged into google maps led me to a beautiful home on a large corner homesite, but it didn't look right.  Not only were there no model signs, but it was occupied.  (not by the sales team!)

I drove around and around to see if I could find any other signs to lead me to the model home.  None.

Around the corner, I found the competitor's model, their parking lot with multiple cars and people walking around carrying brochures.  But still did not see this builder's model.

After a driving around a few more minutes, I called him.  He gave me directions to the new model home and explained that the previous model had recently been sold.  The new model was located in the front of a new section in the back of the community.  


When I arrived, we discussed the scenario. I could have been a prospect, and I could not find their model. Even worse, I DID find the competitor's model, and it was in the same price range abuzz with activity. 

We looked at the website: the address had not been changed.

We looked at the multiple listings:  the address had not been changed.

We drove the approach from the entrance, signs were few and far between.

The new signage had been delayed, and the small directional signs were very hard to see.  

Could it really have been so simple?  


When the address was corrected, the traffic increased. 

When the signs were installed, the traffic increased further.

And so did the sales.

It wasn't the pricing.

It wasn't the incentives.

it wasn't the positioning.

But it was a blind spot.

For both the sales person and the builder. 

Yes, we're busy.  And things fall through the cracks.  Shame on us. 

I'm amazed at how often things like this happen.

The website has the wrong directions.

The advertising shows the wrong phone number.

The signage shows the wrong price.

The lots are overgrown and the lot signs are hard to read.

The model home is hard to find.

The model home is cluttered, has dead shrubbery and needs maintenance.

Be careful, when sales are strong, our blind spots grow.  

And we only realize it when sales suffer.

These issues can so easily be prevented. 

What systems do you have in place to avoid the blindspots?

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