There’s no substitute for stacking your team with top sales talent.

I’ve interviewed, hired and managed hundreds of sales people and I’ve learned that High Drive, Creative Problem Solving and a Growth Mindset are keys to sales success.

But that’s a given.

What’s a key differentiator I look for in top sales talent?

The ones who made a real impact on me in the interview and ended up being my top performers not only had these skills, but they also had the “O” factor.

They were the ones who:

💥 Could tell a compelling story about a challenge they overcame.


💥 Clearly articulated how they overcame setbacks to achieve amazing results.

💥 Demonstrated Passion.

What was underlying all these stories?  OPTIMISM.

When they talked about the challenge they overcame, they had a smile on their face, they sat up straight and they focused not on how bad the situation was, but on how they put their energy into doing the right activities to overcome that challenge.

When they talked about setbacks, they got excited, they focused not on how hard they fell, but on what they learned and with pride they shared how they got right back up, changed course and still achieved their goal on time.

When they talked about what they had to do to achieve amazing results, they took ownership of the process, shared how they persevered past the setbacks, and spoke with energy and passion about the thrill and excitement of achieving their goal.

When I listened with my eyes, ears and heart, what did I hear?

I heard them speak with OPTIMISM.

While they may have suffered serious setbacks, they had realistic and optimistic beliefs that they would hit their goal.  Their lens of the situation was that it was temporary and that they could overcome it.

Instead of blaming the bad situation on their boss, or on the economy, or the pricing, they took ownership and found a way to move forward successfully.

Their optimism fueled their energy and passion and drive.

It fueled their creative problem solving and their resilience.

I could hear it in their tone of voice.  In the pace of their story.

I could see it in the smile on their face and the spark in their eyes.

I could feel their energy.

The optimistic sales person sees setbacks as temporary.  Their attitude and self talk is that “all problems are solvable, we just need to figure it out.”  And they’re willing to dive in, find the resources and take action, believing in their ability to get back on track.

The pessimistic sales person is quite the opposite.  They complain about how bad the situation is.  They blame others for causing the problem.  They don’t see that the situation is going to get better.  They’re defensive. They lose weeks of activity when they’re dealt with disappointment.  They don’t last.


So the next time you’re looking for top talent, don’t settle. Ask good questions, listen carefully and hire Optimistic sales people.

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