“I’ve never known a person who didn’t light up at the memory of a great boss.  And for good reason. They can shape and advance your career in ways you never expected, and sometimes even change your life. In stark contrast, a bad boss can just about kill you.

-Jack Welch, from the book, Winning.

So what do you think?  Are you a great boss?

Let me ask you a few questions….

How well do you know your team members? Do you ask for and care about their opinions? Do you make them insiders and share the reasons behind decisions?Do you encourage their development?Do they understand how their role impacts the entire organization?Does your boss truly care about you and your well-being?Are your opinions heard?How well does your team get along with each other? Do any of them have a best friend at work? Do they encourage each other?

The answers to these questions just might be an indication of the long term success…. and profitability of your operation.

It’s all about employee engagement.

Right now the housing market is strong. People are selling homes, and making money. Life is good.

But we’re very busy.

Operationally, builders and realtors are stretched and stressed.

We’re working virtually, and don’t get enough facetime with one another.

Be wary.  This is when we risk losing great employees.

Well known for their global research on workplace success, The Gallup Organization studies millions of people in different industries to understand what makes successful leaders, teams and profitable organizations.

“The quality of the managers and team leaders is the single biggest factor in your organization’s long term success,” as reported in the book,  It’s the Manager, by Jim Clifton and Jim Harter, published in 2019 by Gallup Publishing.

After scores of mega-studies, Gallup concluded that employee engagement is one of the single most critical elements linked to an organization’s success, and the employee’s direct manager is the key person who impacts employee engagement.


When Gallup analyzed the differences in performance between engaged and actively disengaged business work units, they found that engagement’s effect on Key Business Outcomes were:

10% higher customer ratings20% higher sales21% higher profitability

According to Gallup’s research, the “single most important factor in building a successful and engaged team is the quality of the manager.”

“Managers- through their strengths, their own engagement and how they work with their teams every day account for 70% of their team’s engagement.”


When you have great leaders who engage their team and maximize the potential of every team member, you have impacted lives and delivered an enormous value to the employee and to the organization.


To increase employee engagement:

Hire the right leaders, who support and engage their teams and put them in a position to succeed.Provide training for their growth and developmentEncourage leaders to connect with each employee as each person has different needs.Help people find purpose and meaning at work.


Great leaders realize that they can directly influence the engagement and performance of their teams and they’re willing to invest the time and resources

to observe and learn the strengths of each member of their team to encourage a growth mindset and provide development opportunitiesto position them in roles that accentuate their strengths to provide them with the necessary resources to create an environment that allows them to engage with their team, develop their strengths and succeed.

So what do you say…are you a good boss, or a great one?

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