Self care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity for sales leaders.

During 2020, most of us endured more stress than usual.  Fortunately, our industry survived better than many others.

As we reflect on last year and look forward to the new year, I’m reminded that it’s important for all of us to manage our stress levels and “turn it off” on a regular basis.  Then, when we’re “on,” we have the positive energy, right attitude and clarity of mind to make better decisions and lead our teams.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest struggles I see for sales leaders is they feel they just don’t have the time for self care.  I get it.  But through the years I’ve learned some valuable lessons about how to increase my productivity, and now I call BS on that!  It’s a matter of priority and focus.  I still struggle sometimes too, but I’ve gotten a lot better.

Here are my favorite tips to maximize productivity so you have more time for self care.

Progress over Perfection.  Don’t aim for perfection, appreciate the progress you’re making.  If you aim for perfection, you will feel defeated.  If you aim for progress, you will be inspired.

Good enough is Good enough. Be okay with this.  You have way too much on your plate to do “A” level work on every item, so learn when A work is overkill and B or C work will suffice.  The extra time it takes to complete a task to an “A” level is not typically worth the effort or ROI, return on your invested time.  (This is still hard for me, but I catch myself.  I realize that it’s highly important.)

Prioritize the key activities that will move the needle, and focus your time and energy on them.  You will never get everything done, so focus on the top 3 priorities, and don’t allow yourself to get upset if you don’t get everything done.

Eliminate the non-essentials, and delegate the rest. Successful people know what to DO, what to DELEGATE and what to ELIMINATE. They’re also astute at keeping their boss in the loop and aligning their goals with the goals of their boss so they can ensure they are focused on the high priority tasks.

Eliminate the distractions and interruptions. They can consume your time and energy, and leave you unproductive.  Working from home offers a new set of distractions and interruptions; the key, I’ve found, is to set boundaries and be disciplined to stick to them.

Time block so that you have time set aside to accomplish the high priority tasks.   When you have this time set aside, you’ll find your stress level is reduced.

Take time to reflect, journal, and practice gratitude. When you reflect and journal, it helps you gain clarity. When you practice gratitude, it feeds your mind with positive thoughts.

Sleep at least 7-8 hours per day.  Many studies have shown how critical sleep is to our health and well being.  Just as muscles need recovery time after heavy workouts, so does our mind.  Going to bed and waking at the same time every day is a healthy routine that can help with improving sleep.  Not looking at your phone at night, and reading something that’s not work related when you go to bed are other habits that can foster better sleeping habits.

Exercise regularly. This seems like it should be a no brainer, but finding time was always the hard part for me.  Once I found something I loved to do, and then scheduled it in my calendar, it became a habit.  I have found more clarity, stress reduction and have even had some of the best ideas of my life during outdoor bike rides and Orange Theory Workouts!

Feed your body and mind with healthy choices.  I’m a believer in eating healthy, and limiting my exposure to TV, especially news.  Of course I love a good glass of wine, and I like to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world, but everything in moderation, right?!  (Some days I do better than others!)  I’m also an avid reader of “idea” books, also known as self-help books.  I think of them as books that feed my mind with positive thoughts and spark ideas to help me live a better and more fulfilling life.  I always have one on my night table!

I hope these ideas help.  Cheers to more productivity and more Self Care in 2021!HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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