Is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) helping you win sales at premium prices?

The market is strong for new home sales.  And many are raising prices.  But sometimes the sales team is wondering if the higher prices are “worth it.” As a sales leader, your role is to maximize sales and profits, and to position your team for success.

The secret to getting more sales at premium prices is to equip your sales team with a clear USP and ensure they’re communicating it in a compelling fashion.

All too often I’ve asked sales people to tell me their USP. One of two things usually happens: either they go on and on and list all the features of their builder and community, but they fail to tell me what makes them truly unique and why I should buy from them.  OR, they don’t really know and so I get the deer in the headlights look.

The great sale people know their competitive advantages and can clearly communicate what differentiates them in a compelling manner and are completely excited about their positioning and confident in their pricing, even when it continues to increase.  Those who don’t know their USP find themselves wrought with buyers who are shopping for incentives and negotiating lower prices.

When you ensure your team is equipped with a well crafted USP, you:

💥 Attract the attention of your ideal prospects and increase your quality traffic. 💥 Position your community and product as a high-value solution.💥 Increase your sales team’s confidence.💥 Differentiate your products from your competition, including resales.💥 Justify your premium pricing.

The USP should be a clear and compelling statement that describes how your product WILL BENEFIT YOUR prospects in a way that is HIGHLY APPEALING and DIFFERENTIATES YOU from your competition.

Crafted well, your USP excites your prospects and explains why they should buy from YOU instead of your competition and builds value in the price.


A well crafted USP helps your team generate more traffic and close more sales at higher prices

4 Simple Steps to Develop your USP:

Identify who is your target buyer -Who are they, what do they want and why?What are your unique competitive advantages? -What about your offering appeals to your buyer’s specific needs and is different from your competitor’s?What are the benefits of your competitive advantages?-How will your competitive advantages impact the lives of your buyers?Craft your USPHere’s a basic guide:(Your community) is the only community that offers (target buyer) the (key competitive advantages) that can (benefit/impact.)

For example:Tucker Pointe is the only new home community in Sarasota that offers young families a 4 bedroom home on a 1/2 acre homesite allowing you to design your backyard oasis with your pool and enjoy privacy from your neighbors, so you can live like you’re on vacation every time you walk into your back yard.

I challenge you to ask your sale team…what is their USP?

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