How to get more done in a day than most people do in a week!

It's a short week for many of us, but work doesn't stop, does it?

So we have to be even more productive while we're working, so we can enjoy this short work week!

Here's a couple of my favorite 

TIME MANAGEMENT TIPS that I've incorporated into my life:
(some might surprise you!)

  1. Prioritize sleep: Get plenty of rest. If you don't, your focus will be off, and your energy will be reduced.

  2. Create your MUST DO list, (not just a TO DO list) before you leave each day. Then, you'll start off your day with a focus, and then once those items are done, you'll have a sense of accomplishment, and you'll be less inclined to work later hours because your MUST DO's are done. (love this one!)

  3. Commit to your work routine: Some people are morning people, and they like to get started at 7 or 8. Not me. I like to wake up without an alarm, enjoy my coffee while I journal, exercise, and then be in my chair for work by no later than 11. Whatever is your start time...COMMIT to it and don't allow yourself to be distracted or procrastinate. This week especially, it's important to commit to your start time so you get back into a solid routine and get stuff done!

  4. Manage your energy, not your time. Similar to above, know when you have the most natural energy and focus, and optimize it. Don't allow miscellaneous phone calls, emails or other distractions to pull you away during your peak work/highly productive time.

  5. Time block: Block off a reasonable start and end time in your calendar to complete your MUST DO tasks, and block these items during your naturally "highly productive" hours. Then, treat it like a high priority appointment with yourself and work diligently to get it done by your deadline. (this really works, but only if you commit to it.)

  6. Lose your Perfectionist/ "A" grade mentality: I could write a whole session on this because it just might be the most important lesson I've learned through the years. When you have a lot to do, you can't possibly get it all done if you're focused on perfectionism. The time it takes to go from completing that task at a B or C grade versus an "A" grade is not necessary. And it drains your energy and your time. So really look at what you're doing, and remember that good enough is good enough and move on!

  7. Delete or Delegate or Do?: When you look at your TO DO list, identify those tasks that you can delete or delegate, so that you can spend your time and energy on the most important MUST DO items as mentioned in #2. Most high achievers have a to do list that's a mile long, and that can be overwhelming, causing you stress and depleting your valuable energy, even before you get started. SO take time to reduce that list, and stay focused on your MUST DO tasks that have the highest impact and will move the needle the most.

When you incorporate these actions into your daily routine, prioritizing your efforts and optimizing your energy, you'll get the most important things done in less time.  Doing this on a daily basis will make you more efficient and effective and lead you to less stress, better results, more free time and a greater sense of accomplishment. 

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