How do you hold your sales team accountable… For sales results?

For positive customer ratings?

For clean paperwork?

Let’s be honest.  If you’re not effectively holding your team accountable, then you’re not doing your job.

From my experience coaching hundreds of sales leaders, their intentions are good:

They KNOW they need to hold their team accountable.

And they WANT to.

They just don’t always know how to do it,

or they might not feel comfortable doing it,

or they may do it sometimes but not other times, so they’re inconsistent.

Here’s the thing. Sales leaders are busy.  I get it.

They know holding their team accountable is critical to their success.

They need a simple system.

The fact is:

Holding your team accountable is really simple, but it’s NOT EASY.

In this blog post, I share the 5 golden nuggets that the Rock Star Leaders have dialed in and do consistently.  (Consistency is paramount.)

ROCK STAR sales leaders follow these 5 Steps to hold their team accountable so they achieve ROCK STAR results:

ESTABLISH the sales targets and key metrics, and COMMUNICATE them clearly, timely and specifically to your team. (i.e. get monthly quotas to the team on the FIRST of the month.)PUBLISH the RESULTS in a consistent and timely fashion, and SHARE them in group meetings. Include sales rankings. (Fuel the competitive fires. Where your focus goes, their attention flows.)TRACK the results and REVIEW them during consistently held monthly 1:1’s with each of your direct reports. THIS is where the rubber meets the road. (There is an entire module in my 9 Steps to Leading a Rock Star Sales Team Program on how to coach effectively in these 1:1’s.)ADDRESS sub-par performance on a timely basis. Coach them up or out. You simply can not accept sub-par performance on sales results.  This is also where a lot of managers fall short.  But it’s not always their fault.  Usually they were never trained on how to address poor performance.  (They may need coaching on HOW to identify why the behavior is sub par, and then HOW to address it and learn the skills to be firm but fair. This is also covered thoroughly in my 9 Steps to Leading a Rock Star Sales Team program!)CELEBRATE successes. Include more than just the top performances, include personal bests.

When sales leaders are in the HABIT of following EACH of these 5 steps CONSISTENTLY, holding their team accountable becomes so much easier …and the results improve.

I challenge you to follow ALL 5 steps consistently.  Not only will you be surprised at the increased results of your team, but you’ll also be amazed at how much MORE time you have, because you’re managing proactively, not reactively!   Let me know how it works!

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